My soul – David in the desert of Judah

     1. My soul rests in God alone – My soul waiteth upon God. – Psalm 62:1

     2. My soul longeth for thee – Psalm 63:1

     3. My soul followeth hard after thee – Psalm 63:8

The strong confession of David

     In these two Psalms we find David’s trust upon God during Absalom’s rebellion. He is placing all hope in god. Knowing that God is in control allows us to wait patiently for him to rescue us. David expressed his feeling to God and then reaffirmed his faith. Trusting God to be our rock, salvation, fortress and refuge will change our entire outlook on life. When we are resting in God’s strength, nothing can shake us.

     Secondly we find in David a desire for God’s presence, provision and protection. He was in the desert of Judah. No matter where we are, our desire should be for God. Though your riches increase, do not set your heart on them. Since God is our help we sing in the shadow of his wings. God’s right hand upholds us.

     Thirdly our soul must follow God always. Whenever enemies try to shake the honor, reputation, position and our faith God, God’s loving power sustains us. We must trust and waiteth and followeth God for welfare and against the works of our enemies.

     ‘The Lord Saves’ – is the motto of the whole Bible. Lord delivers us from the hands of our enemies. In 1 Samuel 17 – we find David and the giant man – Goliath. Deliverance from the hands of Philistines came from David. Till then there was Philistine domination. We find David’s concern for the nation and also his zeal for the Name of our Almighty God.  David saw an ordinary man defying the name of our God. He looked at the situation from God’s point of view.

1. We must view impossible situations from God’s point of view.

          Only then we can fight effectively and take action when others were looking and trying to mock and discourage. Like David we must commit ourselves for the deliverance of the people who are in bondage.

2. We must remove the disgrace from Israelite’s the chosen people – or the called out community.

          We are called for the most significant and great task – to remove the shame from God’s children.

          The disgrace is from the Philistines -> those who are having jealous spirit, fighting spirit and never like the well-being of God’s children.

3. David said – The whole world will know that there is a God in Israel.

          All glory must be given to God and not any man. All people must be lead towards the word of God and God’s ways. This must be our aim. Christianity is not limited to any race or group of people. God calls all kinds of people to become his followers.

          Go; spill the good news of salvation to all. Example – The Church at Rome.

          When our aim and motive is in a godly way God will hand over our enemies.

4. This day the Lord will hand over you to me – 1 Samuel 17:46

          All opposition, evil forces and weakness in us. The enemies will fall face down to the ground – because of the power of the spirit of god.

          The spirit of Goliath is destroyed. The spirit that was challenging and terrifying the children of God.

          God’s weapons are not obvious, but they never fail. David was spiritually equipped. God wants us to strike down all who stand against the children of God.

5. David was successful in all that he undertook. Saul saw David’s success and realized that it was God given, but thought that he can put an end to it as if he had power to defeat God’s plan. We find all the schemes of Saul but God was with David throughout all these events. His protection is seen everywhere in David’s life. Saul’s hatred was very intense. He wanted David to be killed by the Philistines in the battle but his plan failed. David brought the foreskins of the Philistines (200 men).

6. Saul and his men were closing into capture David and his men, but a messenger said that the Philistines are raiding the land. So David went and lived in the strongholds of En-Gedi.

          Everything was overturned. Things went contrary for Saul.

          Engedi caves are large enough to hold thousands of people.

7. David spares Saul’s life

          David’s men saw Saul enter their cave. They wanted to act immediately. But David had great respect for Saul in spite of the fact that he was trying to kill him. David knew that he would become the King, but it was not right to strike down the man God has placed in the throne. Refer Hebrews 10:30 – “For we know him that said, To me vengeance, and I shall yield. And again, For the Lord shall deem his people.

          David did not run ahead of God’s timing. He refuses to kill Saul.

          Romans 13:1-7 teach that God has placed the government and its leaders in power.


     1. God’s kind of King.

     2. A man after God’s heart.

     3. His Kingship was eternal through Jesus.

     4. He was forgiving and courageous also kindhearted.

     5. He repented and was at peace with God.


      1. A man’s kind of King

     2. A man after people’s praise

     3. His Kingship was rejected

     4. He was very cruel and unforgiving

     5. He was fearful and separated from God.

          Even Jonathan recognizes the leadership qualities in David. He saw in David a greater man than himself; a man who deserved to lead Israel in the future. God is well pleased with David because he asks us to seek the Lord and his strength – seek his face continually.

Key points

     We are called to fulfill a greater task in the Kingdom of God.

     All impossible will become possible.

     We must remove the disgrace and shame from God’s children.

     The whole world must know that there is a God in Israel (in our church, house, our workplace).

     Promise – This day the Lord will hand over our enemies.

     We must be successful in all that we do – like David. No one can put an end to God’s plan – God has put us in the church to do ministry- this is the plan. No one can capture or destroy us. God will average and repay our enemies.

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