Lord will bestow glory and lift up your head high

    Psalms are songs of praise to God our Creator. Psalm 3:3 says – “But thou, Lord, art mine up-taker; my glory, and enhancing mine head.” This is a Psalm of David, when he fled from his son Absalom. He was running for his life from his rebellious son Absalom and a host of traitors. When circumstances go against us we may be tempted to think God is against us.  But David remains that God is our shield, our glory and one who will lift up our heads. God is our fortress. When we seek God he will bring down evil people to everlasting ruin.

     In scriptures we find how God will lift the heads of all people and crown with his glory. What we should do for this is, we must obey the commandments of our Lord. In Jeremiah 52:31, we find, Jehoiachin the son and successor of Jehoiakim as King of Judah. He was 18 years old when he came to throne late is 598 BC, he reigned for three months in Jerusalem. Then King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon took them into captivity. Judah went into captivity away from their land.  But in the thirty seventh year of exile of Jehoiachin King of Judah, Evil-Merodach became the King of Babylon.

     He released Jehoiachin King of Judah and freed him from the prison. He showed kindness to him and allowed to eat with the King of Babylon. He gave him a seat of honor higher than other kings who were with him in Babylon. He also made Jehoiachin put aside the prison clothes and day by day the King of Babylon gave Jehoiachin regular allowance as long as he lived.

     Our God is a God of compassion. He forgives our sin when we confess and turn from it. We receive a personal concern, mercy and guidance. He never leaves us in the same condition. When we repent, he will send an angel like the King of Babylon to lift us from bondage, sin and captivity. He gives us a new life, new heart, and anoints us with his Holy Spirit and raises our head. When we are filled with Holy Spirit we shall overcome all the attacks of our enemies.

     In Genesis 40:13,20,21, we find the life of a cupbearer of King Pharaoh. The cupbearer offended the King of Egypt and was put in the prison. But on the birthday of Pharaoh, he gave feast to all officials and lifted up the head of the cupbearer and restored his position. Surely God will restore our position, power, authority, fortunes, and all goodness. As we find in Psalm 8:5, definitely he will crown us with glory and honor. Let us lift up our heads and praise God. Like Jehoiachin and the cupbearer God will raise us from all captivity. God bless all with his riches and glory.

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