Cast yourself on God

     And cast ye all your busyness into him, for to him is care of you. – I Peter 5:7

     Therefore be ye meeked under the mighty hand of God, that he raise you in the time of visitation – I Peter 5:6

     God will lift us from all situations. We often worry about our position and status, to get proper recognition for what we do. God’s recognition counts more than human praise. He is able and willing to bless us according to his timing.

     Carrying our worries, stresses and daily struggles shows that we have not trusted God fully. It takes humility to recognize that God cares and to admit our need. We must let God know all our anxieties. We must not submit to the circumstances, but to the Lord who controls circumstances.

God cares for David

1. I Samuel 25:4 – says Therefore when David had heard in desert, that Nabal clipped his flock,

     David was with six hundred men in the wilderness. Nabal refused to share his food to all men with David. So David came with four hundred men to take revenge.

     But Abigail lost no time (God cares for David). People like Abigail will come in our live. Our family or other persons may spoil and leave us in the desert. But God sent people will suddenly enter into our lives. Abigail told her servants, “Go ye before me; lo! I shall follow you behind your back.” – I Samuel 25:19.

     Blessings are on the way. God will send Angels to bless us.

     Nehemiah 5:17-19 says Remember me with favour, for all i have done for this people.

2. David said –Nabal has paid me back evil for good. God will deal in such situations. We should be generous with those who protect us and help us prosper.

     Evil shall not go away from the house of him, that yieldeth evils for goods – Proverbs 17:13.

3. David accepted the instructions given by Abigail.

     Please forgive your servant’s offense.

     Lord will hurl away the lives of your enemies as from the pocket of a sling.

     David need not have the burden of needless bloodshed.

     She gave a good judgement.

     May your enemies who intend to harm be like Nabal.

     Let no wrong doing be found in you as long as you live.

     So the lord  struck  Nabal and he died.

     God cares for us.

4. David came to Mahanaim

     Shobi, Makir, Barzillai brought bedding, bowls and articles of pottery. Wheat, barley, flour, grain, honey, sheep and cheese.

     which land thy Lord God beholdeth, and his eyes be therein (and his eyes be upon it), from the beginning of the year unto the end thereof. – Deuteronomy 11:12

     The Lord is good, and strengthening in the day of tribulation, and knowing them that hope in him. – Nahum 1:7

     Cast thy care, or thought, on the Lord, and he shall fully nourish thee; and he shall not give into without end fluttering to a just man. – Psalm 55:22

     With these promises Let God bless every one of us.

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