Arise, shine, for thy light is come

    Rise thou, Jerusalem, be thou lightened, for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen on thee.” – Isaiah 60:1

     Our Lord himself is viewed as the light here. Instead of the light of sun and moon God is the everlasting light and glory. Here the light also refers to the joy and salvation. In John 1:4-5 we read that “In him was life, and the life was the light of men; and the light shineth in darknesses, and darknesses comprehended not it.” True and genuine life is embodied in Christ. His life was the light for everyone. God’s truth, nature, purpose and power are made available to all people through Him.

     The light of Christ shines in an evil and sinful world. Majority of the world has not accepted his life or light Christ illumines every person who hears His gospel by giving him grace. Only from this light of Christ we may see the truth and be saved.

     Prophet Isaiah prophesies in the book of Isaiah chapter sixty that with the advent of the Messiah, the glory of the Lord would come among His people and many gentiles would come to the light. Isaiah sees God’s glory coming to Israel and other nations coming to them to receive that light and salvation.

     To shine we must also be filled with Holy Spirit as Jesus did. Only then the darkness of the world will not cover us. We will be characterized by faithfulness and righteousness. Anointing helps us to begin our ministry. We will rise and walk for Jesus. First we will preach the gospel to the poor and afflicted. We can help people who are physically and spiritually sick and are brokenhearted. Next is breaking the bonds of evil and proclaiming freedom from sin and satanic dominion. Finally opening the spiritual eyes of the lost that they might see the light of gospel and be saved.

     For this purpose we must rise and shine and do the ministry as Jesus did his mission. The call of Isaiah is for us to give light to the World. While we have light, believe in the light then we will be the children of light. God has come into the world as a light; whosoever believeth on him should not abide in darkness. Let us be filled with the glory of God and be a light to the world.

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